Jonathan A Daley: Programmer, Designer, Game Developer

Jonathan A Daley

Programmer, Designer,

Game Developer


About Me

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I've been making games and apps since 2011. During that time, I've worked on more than 20 games and apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and the Web; some as a contractor, some as solo development projects, and some with my studio Nacelle Games.

I have experience developing games and apps using Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D, Xcode, and Visual Studio. As a programmer, I've written software in Swift, C#, Objective-C, and C++. And I've developed apps and games for Augmented Reality. I'm always ready for a new challenge, and relish the opportunity to learn something new.

I was selected to speak at the 2018 East Coast Game Conference (ECGC), in the Augmented / Virtual Reality track. My talk was titled "So You Want to Ship an AR Game?," and it detailed my studio's experience shipping our game Solitaire AR. I also spoke at the 2018 ECGC Indie Game Development Summit on how Nacelle Games decides what games to create. I also participated in two panels during the Summit, covering topics such as diversity, marketing, and defining success as an indie game developer.

Check out my Projects page to see the games and apps I've worked on; and check out my Blog for a mix of technical posts, tutorials, thoughts, and musings, about game and app development. You can also follow me on Twitter, or check out my latest tweets below.

I'm available for contracting opportunities in both game and app development. Use the Contact Me page to inquire about contracting.

Fare thee well upon this great ship of the heavens we call Earth, upon which we all are blessed to have been given passage.