15 minutes of possibility

As with most Fortune 500 companies, my current place of employment provides two 15 minute breaks within an 8 hour work shift. I normally spend these at my desk doing something non-work related, or walk over to the break room to do a little reading. But there’s some days I head down to the vacant end of the building, where a cube farm has yet to be planted.

The area looks pretty dull to the naked eye; filled with extra above-desk storage bins, extra bookshelves, and other assorted pieces of office furniture. But to me it gleems of possibility… that stack of desk drawers, you could put a table there, with 8 plush chairs to have roundtable meetings about the latest thing to come up. And that stack of cube walls, let’s replace those with desks that back right up into each other, so the people working at them can actually converse and collaborate about the work they’re doing. And these divider walls that aren’t really there for anything structural, let’s knock those out so the floor plan could really be open.

But then I get pulled back to reality as the name of someone I haven’t met is blasted over the intercom to tell them they have a call holding on whatever line. And I’m forced to realize that corporate America doesn’t seem to like this much creativity freely floating around; so they wall it off in a cube and hope it doesn’t get around too much. At least I have my 15 minutes of possibility down where it’s vacant, until they decide to wall that off too; plant another farm, and continue starving creative group thinking while harvesting the purest form of company-serving mediocrity.