A note on Sunrise from a sympathetic user

It’s interesting to me how being a software developer makes you, to an extent, more understanding and patient with things like missing features and bugs, when the core of a product is rock solid.

Take Sunrise for iOS as an example (http://www.sunrise.am). The interface is beautifully simple, yet surprisingly robust. Facebook Event integration is quite tight. And the ability to email all meeting recipients is a killer feature. But, the app lacks the ability to create recurring calendar events, and you can’t change what calendar an event is on after its created. And then there’s bugs like its Quick Add natural language input creating events in the past, under certain circumstances.

These are deal breakers for a lot of people. The app’s less than stellar rating on the App Store attests to this quite well. But as a fellow software developer, I have a higher tolerance for missing features and weird bugs then the general app-consuming public; because I’ve been there. I’ve had features missing (or broken); I’ve had weird bugs.

For me, as long as the core of an app is solid, and the team behind it is working to add features and squash bugs, then I’m willing to go along for the ride. And Sunrise has such a great core, I’ll be riding smooth for a while.