How to Exclude Unity 3D .meta Files from File Explorer in VS Code

I recently discovered VS Code, a lightweight code editor with IntelliSense that is cross-platform (Windows, OS X, & Linux). It was primarily developed for ASP.NET 5 and Node.js development, but also works really well as a C# editor for Unity 3D on OS X (it is much better then MonoDevelop in some regards).

After spending some time setting it up, I figured out how to exclude Unity 3D’s .meta files from VS Code’s File Explorer; just put the following code within your settings.json file, which you can open by going to File > Preferences, and you’re off and running:

“files.exclude”: {
     "**/.git": true,
      “**/.DS_Store”: true,
     "**/**.meta": true

You can read more about the Editor Options in VS Code on its website: