Jumping Bllux - Update 2

Another week has gone by and progress on Jumping Bllux is proceeding at a solid pace. My current focus is on completing the levels that will be in the game’s initial release. I’ve found myself taking to doing a lot of the level design by first sketching ideas on paper, and then (for safe keeping) digitizing the sketches into Evernote.

I’ve found that rarely does a level remain entirely the same from beginning to end in the design process. What I sketch on paper will inevitably morph into something different when it’s actually built in the game engine. But that is what’s supposed to happen: you sketch out an idea, or build a level surrounding an initial premise (which is sketched out first); then you start actually building the level inside the game engine; and make tweaks and changes to the design based on look, feel and playtesting.

It’s a process that’s both exhilarating, and I’ll admit a bit tedious at times. For Jumping Bllux there isn’t (yet) a level editor, so each level is built by hand from a blank ‘template’ level; which contains all the necessary components for a working level, except only one of each kind of Bllux and one each kind of collectible occupy the level. From this blank 'template,’ Bllux and collectibles are duplicated and moved within a grid system to their proper place; and slowly, a level forms.

I’m hoping to eventually write a post-mortem on Jumping Bllux, in which I can shed a little more light on the inner workings of how the game was made. Until then, I appreciate everyone reading  these updates; I’ll continue to post updates on the progress of the game, especially as it comes closer and closer to launch.

Until then, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”