Link's "Social Media Profile," written in HTML, which I'm learning at

Learning HTML through Codecademy’s website, I created this whimsical ‘social media profile’ for Link, the protagonist of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series of games. I created the profile from scratch, typing all the HTML out myself, while following the “Social Media Profile” tutorial in the Web Fundamentals track. image

Teenage boy from Ordon Village, in the South of Hyrule.

  • Interests
  • Saving Princess Zelda
  • Sniffing for burried gems
  • Shooting Bomb Arrows using the Hawkeye
  • Definitely not dredging on the Great Sea for pieces of the Tri Force. No sir.
  • Jobs
  • Collecting bugs
  • Fishing
  • Goat wrestling

Favorite Quotes

  • “…”

Where I’ve Lived

  • Hyrule
  • Great Sea
  • Kokiri Forest
  • Aboda Village

Here is a link to the original file:

Note: the image in this post is copyrighted to Nintendo.

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